Stop drinking Palestinian blood, BOYCOTT Coca Cola

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Gaza children suffer under Israeli siege

Child labor is one of the international cortical obstacles that put the life and the rights if children in danger.

Looking to this challenge in the Palestinian context widen its reasons’ scale to include the Israeli Siege on Gaza. While the global number of children in the work force (246 million) has fallen dramatically since 2000, child labour in Gaza has risen. Also, although child labour is a large-scale problem in the occupied Palestine , little action is being taken by humanitarian groups. The Palestinian Bureau of Statistics reports that 28.5 per cent of the children who don’t attend school are engaged in child labour. Furthermore, the number of children less than 18 years old mid 2016 is about 2,207,535 children in Palestine. It said 2,900 of those children are below the legal employment age of 15. According to the Defense for Children, 4 .5% of the total number of children aged 10-17 years were working with or without pay in 2015 is 2.8% in Gaza Strip.

The Israeli occupation with its continues siege including 3 devastating attacks against the Palestinians in Gaza plays a significant role in increasing the number of working children. Ali, is a 12 years old child from Al Shajaia whom I always see setting behind the University gate. I was curious to know why he is not going to school like the other children at his age. At the beginning, he was hesitant to open but then he gradually started to answer me. He said that he is the oldest son to his parents and his father was injured at the last Zionist attack in 2014. His father has turned to be disabled and he no longer can work. Ali completed that his family economic condition started to get worst and worst especially that his mother gave birth to a twin. His parents used to value education and encourage him to get high marks. However, this changed and the major aim of the family now is to survive from the ghost of poverty. About his dreams, “I want to have some time to play with the children in my age. I want to complete my education and be an engineer.”

Child labor is not only threatening the child education but also his physical and mental health. Children may face serious heath illnesses while doing exhausting works for long hours especially in the very cold or hot weather. Another child whose name is Mohammed said that one day, while he was selling chocolates and walking among the cars in the street, he suddenly found himself in front of a large car which hit him in an accident where he was about to lose his leg. He said; ” I was frightened to death after that accident and asked my mother to let me stop working. After I thought of it a bit, I realized that my mother and my siblings depend a lot on my work. I couldn’t help it. I continued. ” Another one who is selling siege in the market said to me that many other vendors and people abuse him verbally but he continues to sell because he has no choice.

In brief, child labor as work that is mentally, physically, socially or morally dangerous and harmful to children; and interferes with their schooling. Moreover, one can clearly notice that the barbaric actions of the Zionist entity including imposing the siege for more than 11 years, closing the borders, and targeting the factories, farmers, and fishermen lead to serious problems such as poverty and unemployment which in their turn lead to child labor. Therefore, what a Palestinian can do when the international law itself is helpless? (WAFA A. ALUDAINI)

Al-Quds Judaization, who cares? – Many Muslims don’t know about the conditions of Al-Quds currently. There are several possible causes. First, not reported in the media, in other words, it is considered uninteresting or indeed design to keep this issue away from the public. Second, Muslims do not care anymore to the Masjid Al-Aqsa. The second cause may not happen to us.

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Solutions in the Middle of ‘Solution’ – World Community increasingly understands that negotiations are Israeli ploy to smoothen the colonization project in Palestine. Although at first Israeli cyber propaganda ‘anesthetize’ the world community in understanding the path of negotiation as a moderate selection put forward of a win-win solution about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but based on real facts, the opinion turned slowly. Communities then understand that the path of negotiations is a farce to smoothen the colonial project, and the uprising or intifada became one of the alternative solutions to facing Israeli colonization, because the Israeli occupation even often got resolutions and international condemnation, but never got punishment. Israel itself recognizes that their colonization project would fail in the face of Palestinian resistance movement.

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Palestine after Donald Trump’s win – After Donald John Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States, there are a lot of pros and cons. Not only for Americans but also the world community, especially from Muslims. On the day when Trump won, thousand Americans took to the streets, they were protesting against the election’s result in the current presidential election. Their reason is simple, Trump during the campaign repeatedly show himself as being racist and anti-Islam. It makes the pluralistic American people anxious, worried about themselves and the future of their country.

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Why Jewish Illegal Occupation over Palestine is Different ?

Jewish illegal occupation over Palestinian land is thousand times more dangerous than the US invasion over Iraq and Afghanistan, Russian aggression over Chechnya and other occupation in the world. We do not underestimate all the invasions, just for note, the Israeli occupation policy in Palestine are different than other policies. The difference, the Israeli occupation policy in Palestine, known as the Settlement Policy, use civil power more rather than military force. They do not send military troops to occupy and drain the wealth of a country, then leave the country out, as was done by the other invaders. However, they fly to Palestine by bringing their family, business, and their job to Palestine, and then they build settlements there. Not only that, they even expel the Palestinians from their own land so it is not surprising if Israelis firmly rejected the Palestinian people’s right to return to their homeland.

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The Third Palestinian Intifada Has Begun

In the beginning, many people would not think that the intifada will actually erupt in Palestine. Why? Because of the Palestinian insurgency is common and happens long enough. Starting with stone-throwing, cars hitting and stabbing; nothing new at all of this kind of resistances. However, what exactly distinguishes and make it as the real Intifada?
According to the author, there are three characteristics that became the background of the intifada. This analysis was taken from observations in the two previous intifada. The first reason is dissatisfaction. The concept is, all humans want to live in freedom, do not want to live in under occupation.

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