The Third Palestinian Intifada Has Begun

In the beginning, many people would not think that the intifada will actually erupt in Palestine. Why? Because of the Palestinian insurgency is common and happens long enough. Starting with stone-throwing, cars hitting and stabbing; nothing new at all of this kind of resistances. However, what exactly distinguishes and make it as the real Intifada?
According to the author, there are three characteristics that became the background of the intifada. This analysis was taken from observations in the two previous intifada. The first reason is dissatisfaction. The concept is, all humans want to live in freedom, do not want to live in under occupation.

The negotiations between the Palestinian Authority with the Israeli occupation repeatedly happened, and Israel repeatedly commits treason. These results make people dissatisfied and increasingly do not believe in the path of negotiations. Finally they choose the path that usually was taken by the freedom fighters, the resistances.
The second characteristic, the climax of a series of suffering. Intifada is an attempt to rise up and escape from the sufferings. This action did not appear casually, but there were series of events that led to the insurgency. Among the rows of suffering that triggered the Intifada are; first, assassination with arson attack committed by Israeli illegal settlers against the Palestinian family (Dawabsheh family) in Negev. This heinous incident occurred at the end of July 2015.
Secondly, the fate of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails is getting pathetic. Their counterwork usually through hunger strike for months, to make Israel eventually forced to release them.
Third, the Israeli military aggression on the Gaza Strip. Though far apart, those who live in Al-Quds and surrounding area feel the pain of their brothers in Gaza. They cannot bear to watch their fellow citizen getting military attacked 3 times by Zionist Israel and has been kept alive to suffer for 8 years under the Israeli blockade. This emotional bond motivates them to take part against the Israeli occupiers.
The third characteristic is the issue of Masjid Al-Aqsa. It becomes the central issue in every struggle of the Palestinian people. For this ideological reason, the Palestinian struggles become immortal, even followed by the support of all Muslims in the world.
Israeli occupiers conceit is increasingly more visible with their reckless attitude to set foot in the courtyard of the holy Masjid Al-Aqsa. They escorted the radical Jewish and ministers cabinet of Netanyahu to perform Talmudic rituals in Al-Aqsa. This happened in early September 2015.
The Palestinians do i’tikaf and protect Masjid Al-Aqsa, forcibly expelled and humiliated. The big Israeli agenda is to divide Masjid Al-Aqsa based on place and time between Jews and Muslims. And they have been tested for a few days at the end of last September. And Intifada is the value they have to pay due to their crazy ideas.
For How Long?
This is the question of many people. When will this uprising end? No one knows when exactly the heroic action of Palestinian people will cease. If we follow the progress, every day is always reported about the physical clashes between Palestinians and the Israeli occupation forces. The beginning of the clashes occurs due to various reasons such as stabbing, cars hitting, throwing stones or Molotov cocktails. And in return, Israeli occupation forces free to execute, destroying homes, arresting, captivating and sentence them up to hundreds of years.
However, if we looked to the previous intifada, there were some similarities in the process of stopping this intifada. First, as they had done before, this action will stop through the negotiation table. The first intifada desisted with the signing of the Oslo agreement in Norway. The second intifada halted the negotiations in Sharmu Sheikh, Egypt. The third Intifada? Does not rule out the possibility there will be a similar agreement with Israel in order to quench this popular resistance.
Secondly, the resistance that requires a deep breath. Generally, the intifada does not stop in months, but up to years. Intifada Al-Mubarakah, the term of the first intifada on 1987-1993. Al-Aqsa intifada was the second Palestinian intifada, occurred on 2000-2005. And the Al-Quds Intifada this time may also take a long time, we will be forced to witness the long struggle carried out by Palestinian freedom fighters.
Third, the intervention of the international community. Like the previous intifada, the US and other Israeli allies keen to become the mediator between both parties to end the intifada that has always succeeded in making Israel depressed. But this time, all parties are still in wait and see position. As if to test the struggle of the Palestinian people. The West, in this case is US, was clearly supports the Israeli occupation by giving military assistance. As for the UN, remains their position as “good” observer and advisory. Will not give any influence of the events.
The only hope is the Islamic world. In this case; the Arab countries and Muslim countries in the world including Indonesia.
Specifically Indonesia, as the largest Muslim in the world should have big contributed to end Israeli illegal occupation in Palestine. Indonesia has had much historical debt to the Palestinians, Indonesia as a country that ever felt the occupation for 3.5 century; Indonesia should become the most serious country to eliminate colonialism in the world, especially in Palestine
Muhammad Syarief
Div. Studies of ASPAC for Palestine

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