Why Jewish Illegal Occupation over Palestine is Different ?

Jewish illegal occupation over Palestinian land is thousand times more dangerous than the US invasion over Iraq and Afghanistan, Russian aggression over Chechnya and other occupation in the world. We do not underestimate all the invasions, just for note, the Israeli occupation policy in Palestine are different than other policies. The difference, the Israeli occupation policy in Palestine, known as the Settlement Policy, use civil power more rather than military force. They do not send military troops to occupy and drain the wealth of a country, then leave the country out, as was done by the other invaders. However, they fly to Palestine by bringing their family, business, and their job to Palestine, and then they build settlements there. Not only that, they even expel the Palestinians from their own land so it is not surprising if Israelis firmly rejected the Palestinian people’s right to return to their homeland.

Jewish settlement policy is causing demographic balance disturbance and causing increasing number of Jews than Palestinians. When this policy continues to be forced, there was a large fluctuation which previously unimaginable. Why Andalusia fell from the hands of Muslims? Why Andalusia is now turning into a region of Spain and Portugal, in fact Muslims in ancient times have lived there for more than 800 years in a row? The answer is because the enforcement of this settlement policy. Every time conquering a territory in Andalusia, the Crusaders always expel Muslims there and put the Christians as their successor. It is repeated in every country, town, village, every inch of the land of the Muslims in Andalusia. As a result, with the passage of time, the entire region of Andalusia fell from the hands of Muslims. Until now, Muslims have wept Andalusia for more than 500 years.
Why the American people can now live in peace in their country, whereas previously this region belonged to the Indians who have lived there for decades, hundreds or even thousands of years before the American people? This happens because the settlement policy. When they occupying America, the Americans slaughtered most of the native inhabitants and put the population who migrated from Europe instead. Along with the change of time, this region transformed became the United States, likewise the Andalusia which eventually became part of the state of Spain and Portugal.
This is the same and the closest thing we worry about, will happen to the land of Palestine…

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