Palestine after Donald Trump’s win – After Donald John Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States, there are a lot of pros and cons. Not only for Americans but also the world community, especially from Muslims. On the day when Trump won, thousand Americans took to the streets, they were protesting against the election’s result in the current presidential election. Their reason is simple, Trump during the campaign repeatedly show himself as being racist and anti-Islam. It makes the pluralistic American people anxious, worried about themselves and the future of their country.

A president’s statement from the Republican Party was not only making people inside US worry but also the world. Some his policies almost certainly create a bleak future for the world peace. Especially in the Palestinian issue, Trump does not provide a solution to return the rights of Palestinians, but he exactly on the Zionist side, which has been occupied Palestine for almost 70 years. Trump’s election would be a signal that the Palestinian people should breathe much longer, because they will tire-weary face trials and challenges that will be more difficult.

Indeed for the Palestinians, whoever wins the US presidential election, whether it’s Donald Trump or even Hillary Clinton, both of them did not promise any expectations. Because in the history of America, there was no a president from that superpower country who support the struggle of the Palestinian people to regain their rights.

We could appraise Hillary from her manner during her tenure as United States Secretary of State in 2009-2013. During the times, two Israeli military aggressions against the Gaza Strip happened, and she has same manner as generally the US leaders, which is supporting Israel. Even after she no longer served, she firmly stated her full support to Netanyahu in the Israeli military aggression in 2012 over the Gaza Strip in order to maintain security control in the West Bank.

“It is natural if Israel continues to fight Hamas,” Clinton said in an interview with Jeffrey Goldberg for The Atlantic, Sunday (8/10), as reported by the from the Times of Israel.

As from Israel began to colonize Palestine in 1948 until now, the US president elected were desperately defending Israeli, promising security to the occupiers and maintain good relations in order to avoid the wrath of Israel.

So naturally, whoever wins the US presidential election; whether Democrat or Republican, we can be sure that they have similar character from its predecessor. Other facts show, in recent times the Israeli military aggressions against the Gaza Strip, the US president never condemned the massacre, but instead provide support for these heinous acts.

As President Barack Obama’s statement which fully supports the Israeli military aggression over the Gaza Strip in 2014. President of the Democrat party, which is a competitor of Trump’s party, in fact, have similarities towards Israel. Obama justified the military aggression, arguing the attacks to pressure the Palestinians so it will not disturb the tranquility of Israel.

“We support their (Israel) military effort to ensure Hamas does not launch their rockets,” said Obama in a press conference at the White House, Washington DC, as quoted by from the Fox News, Saturday (07/19/2014).

Trump’s Support over Israel

The closeness between Trump and Israel is visible before the presidential election campaign. He reportedly has repeatedly made visits to Israel. Among Trump’s statements which are supporting Israel is a commitment to strengthen relations of cooperation, supporting the establishment of Israel. In terms of confidence, Trump did not hesitate to declare themselves believe in the truth of Judaism.

The controversial president also supports Judaization of the holy city of Al-Quds. He declared himself ready to move the US embassy to Israel to the occupied city of Al-Quds. This step would be a fresh breeze for the Judaization project run by Israel over the years. By doing so, US also support Al-Quds as the capital of Israel, it is certainly contrary to UN Security Council resolution 242.

Trump after his election also plans to merge West Bank into the Israeli-occupied territories. He also wants to give huge funds for the Israeli military purposes, which has received the largest military budget, 2 billion dollars. A policy that is not only detrimental to US and its people but also the world, especially the Palestinians.

Another Trump’s policy is visible in defending Israel about the owner of the historic sites in Al-Quds. As we all know, a few months ago a resolution issued by UNICEF decided, that the holy Masjid Al-Aqsa and the city of Al-Quds as a place of worship as well as the heritage city for Muslims. However, this decision was opposed by Trump.

“There is a missing piece of history, Zionists have a history of 3000 years with a holy place,” Trump said as quoted by the various sites of Palestine against the resolution issued by one of the UN agencies.

The uproarious is also perceived by the Israeli officials after Trump’s victory, Education Minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett said that Donald Trump’s election victory means the Palestinian people will never have a state. According to him, this moment is an opportunity for Israel to no longer busy with the demand of a Palestinian state.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Justice Minister, Ayelet Shaked asked Trump to keep his promise of moving the US embassy to the city of Al-Quds.

The Future of Palestine

From the various statement made by elected US president, Donald Trump related to the Palestinian issue, the more it is clear which direction the US government policies later. Finally, distinguishing between Trump and Hillary only in expressing their heart. Trump is overtly anti-Islam, anti-Palestinian, and Hillary, trying to hide the same attitude, but in fact she has the same manner.

Trump’s victory would at least lead to three things: first, a dream to realize a sovereign state increasingly bleak. Even to get full rights of Palestinians against their whole homeland, just to get the Palestinian territories in accordance with 1967 agreement would be difficult to obtain.

Second, the Gaza Strip will remain under siege. Even the worst, Israeli military aggression will be continuing in the future. It is seen from Trump lovingly relations with Tel Aviv. The Palestinians should be alert to this possibility, and the people must remain patient to face the trials which are predicted to be more difficult than in previous years.

Third, Al-Quds will be freely taken over by Israel. As Trump promises that he will move the US embassy to Israel in Al-Quds, certainly as a support message to make the Old City as the capital of Israel.

And finally, any condition that occurs in the international community, the Palestinians must keep their unity. Defend every inch of the ground left, although had to fight alone. Several times Israeli military aggressions against the Gaza Strip that failed at least provide an answer to the world, that the Palestinian people remain steadfast, strong and able to fight, because they have a sacred belief and steely spirit.

Muhammad Syarief

ASPAC for Palestine Studies Division


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