Solutions in the Middle of ‘Solution’ – World Community increasingly understands that negotiations are Israeli ploy to smoothen the colonization project in Palestine. Although at first Israeli cyber propaganda ‘anesthetize’ the world community in understanding the path of negotiation as a moderate selection put forward of a win-win solution about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but based on real facts, the opinion turned slowly. Communities then understand that the path of negotiations is a farce to smoothen the colonial project, and the uprising or intifada became one of the alternative solutions to facing Israeli colonization, because the Israeli occupation even often got resolutions and international condemnation, but never got punishment. Israel itself recognizes that their colonization project would fail in the face of Palestinian resistance movement.

Serial of Israeli-Palestinian wars in Gaza from year to year increasingly signaling about Israeli’s defeat and the victory of the resistance movement. Since 2005 Israel has to withdraw their troops from the Gaza Strip, and until now there is no one Jewish footprint in the Gaza after years of Israeli occupation. In every major battle since 2005, Zionists often suffered defeat against the resistance. It was seen in the Furqan battle (Cast Lead Operation) at the end of 2008. During the 22 days, although the expense of thousands lives, the resistance movement was able to survive in the face of Israeli aggression. Then followed the “Hijarah Sijjil” battle or (Operation Pillar of Cloud) in 2012. And in 2014, in Asful Ma’kuul battle (Operation Protective Edge) the result of resistance movement was very significant in confronting the Israeli occupation.

It is derived from an Arabic term nafada meaning “to shake”, “shake off”, “get rid of”. In the Palestinian context, the word of intifada is used as a term of resistance of the Palestinian people against Israeli occupation.

The movement emerged simultaneously in the weakening of physical resistance by the Palestinian factions, and the factions turned to the option by negotiating with the Zionist Israel. This option unfortunately brings huge disappointment in the hearts of the Palestinian people, who believe in negotiation and ‘peace process’ is not a right choice to against the occupation.

Along with the outbreak of the first intifada in 1987, the resistance movement was born in the name of Islam and Jihad. The two movements that emerged in the early days were the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas and Islamic Jihad Movement.

Explosion of the first intifada have different backgrounds, which led the Palestinian people dare to rise after years of being in helplessness. Among the causes were:

1.      The bad politics imposed by Israel after they invaded the southern part of Lebanon, political demolitions, evictions, resettlement and arrest.

2.      The Israeli policy is causing economic losses in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

3.      The Palestinians have a dependency with Israel in terms of employment and economic. Many of the Palestinian workers served as a clerk inside Israeli cities and Jewish settlements. This condition force them to serve in Israel because their daily needs and narrowness of employment opportunities in Palestine as well as the spread of unemployment among the youths.

4.      The development of extreme Jews and many efforts the desecration over Masjid Al-Aqsa and places of Islamic historic relics as well as efforts to Judaize Al-Quds.

5.      The rise of the Islamic movement in almost all the Arab and Islamic world, which gave fighting spirit of the Palestinians.

6.      The Palestinians are pessimistic and do not believe in negotiation ways. People aware of the importance of taking initiatives and not wait for help from the Arabs. They feel this situation after over forty years of negotiations that do not have any results.

The conditions and the background above burst along the momentum of the events that occurred on the 8th December, 1987, when an Israeli drove a truck and passed two cars of Palestinian employees. Israeli was deliberately rammed his vehicle toward two Palestinian cars, causing four Palestinian employees were killed.

These incidents and the rolling accumulation condition changed into a burst of resistance in the form of intifada that proclaim jihad against the Jews. So on December 9, 1987 at dawn local time, the first intifada was erupted.

The first Intifada or called as Intifada Al-Mubarakah gave four viewpoints as follows:

First, the Palestinian population inside (the Gaza Strip and the West Bank) was united and work together to rise up to fight against Zionist Israel.

Secondly, the Islamic faction was more intense in taking a leading role. Being on the frontline in the battle field and attacked with an excellent strategy.

Thirdly, this intifada waged by the whole society in Palestine. Whatever the group, ideology and age, all united to inflame this resistance.

Fourth, this intifada provided real portrait of the Palestinian struggle. There were the sacrifice, the movement, the struggle, even followed across ages, both male and female, old, young and children inside the Intifada movement. They were shoulder to shoulder sustaining this blessing intifada. As an expression of their disappointment over the destruction and betrayal that done by the Palestinian Authority.

The eruption of the intifada was a phenomenal thing that happened in the history of the Palestinian struggle. The positive impact of the intifada for the Palestinian people was so great; it could not be equated or compared with the losses they suffered. These were the following achievements of the first intifada which made Israel trauma until today:

First, Zionist Jews have failed to silence the Palestinian uprising. What was done by the Zionists had been finally revealed in front of the world, it is now happen the real injustice committed by the Zionist Israel against the Palestinians. The world knows in the era of freedom there is still a country called occupied Palestine; the people hope that they could to return to live free and independent.

Second, the real lie that has been done by Zionist Israel was revealed. During this time they often declare themselves as a democratic, civilized and cultured country. However, by the intifada the world was seen clearly the Israeli crimes and atrocities against the Palestinians.

Third, the Palestinian resistance has also been successful strikes at the Zionist and their existence as well as their organizations. Especially against the informers who have been having cooperation with Israeli intelligence services. This was evidenced by the arrest of 900 intelligences and the informers who worked for the Israeli government.

Fourth, since the beginning of disappointment with the political conditions, the Intifada resistance was not only physically, but also non-physically. Therefore the impact received by Palestine also in the form of comprehensive security.

Fifth, the Palestinian problems finally sticking to the surface anymore. They became the center of attention and discussion in the international community, which previously had gone from the world’s attention.

Sixth, this resistance has created new generation of resistance in more organized and makes the resistance as the only effective way to repel occupiers and liberate the land of Palestine. It was evidenced by the establishment of two new resistance movements, the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas and the Islamic Jihad Movement.

The first Intifada ended in general along with signatories to the Oslo agreement in September 1993 between the PLO and the Zionist Israel. However, resistance movements such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad remain with the resistance character against Israel, and they did not affected by the existing agreement.


Team of Study ASPAC for Palestine


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