Al-Quds Judaization, who cares? – Many Muslims don’t know about the conditions of Al-Quds currently. There are several possible causes. First, not reported in the media, in other words, it is considered uninteresting or indeed design to keep this issue away from the public. Second, Muslims do not care anymore to the Masjid Al-Aqsa. The second cause may not happen to us.

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Solutions in the Middle of ‘Solution’ – World Community increasingly understands that negotiations are Israeli ploy to smoothen the colonization project in Palestine. Although at first Israeli cyber propaganda ‘anesthetize’ the world community in understanding the path of negotiation as a moderate selection put forward of a win-win solution about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but based on real facts, the opinion turned slowly. Communities then understand that the path of negotiations is a farce to smoothen the colonial project, and the uprising or intifada became one of the alternative solutions to facing Israeli colonization, because the Israeli occupation even often got resolutions and international condemnation, but never got punishment. Israel itself recognizes that their colonization project would fail in the face of Palestinian resistance movement.

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Palestine after Donald Trump’s win – After Donald John Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States, there are a lot of pros and cons. Not only for Americans but also the world community, especially from Muslims. On the day when Trump won, thousand Americans took to the streets, they were protesting against the election’s result in the current presidential election. Their reason is simple, Trump during the campaign repeatedly show himself as being racist and anti-Islam. It makes the pluralistic American people anxious, worried about themselves and the future of their country.

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poem for Gaza

The place where I always dream about
The place where I always love everyday
The place where I always remember every second in my life
The most beautiful name that I’ve ever heard
The strongest land that I’ve ever known

Gaza, my heart is always beating for you
My heart is always bleeding for you
My heart always loves you
Gaza, my eyes is always crying for you
Gaza, my prayers are always be with you
I love you everyday more and more
I have a dream to see you someday
But before I see you
You know that I had left my heart there
I’ll never take it back
It will stay alive there forever
Gaza… Gaza… Gaza…
Wish you and mother Palestine get freedom soon
Heiwa to Ai ❤

this is my land..

This is My Land

This is my land, my home, my grave… Palestine
This is my land; no one can kick me out of here
I was born in here
I grew up here
And I will die in here
Palestine… the land of brave
I stand here to face Israeli tank
I have stone in one hand and a Palestine flag in other hand
I wear keffiyyeh for my mask, because I am Palestinian
With anger in my heart I start to throw stones to them
And they shot towards me
I looked them in my eyes
I have no afraid of them
I will fight until my last breath, until my last blood
This is my land
I will never ever give up, I will never give in
Freedom is only my aim
I exist to resist, that’s my motto
Because resistance is existence
This is my land
The land which covered by tears and bloods of martyrs
I will throw these stones to them, Zionist beasts
If I can’t kill them today
I’m sure I can kill them tomorrow or tomorrow after
I will keep my flag waves
For my people, for my dignity and for my land
This is my land… Palestine